Visual Communicator
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SPU AIGA Christmas Party 

A poster to promote an annual event

This project was created in order to promote the SPU AIGA Christmas party. The even was hosted at SPU's Art Center, and welcomed students to enjoy an evening of cookie decorating, and card making right before the holiday. 


Role: Project Lead, Typographer

Team: Sarah Askey, Keala Gussman

Tasks: Tasking, Ideation, Designing

Result: Poster



"Create a poster to promote the annual Christmas Party."

Having never managed a team before, I was extremely excited to work with a group of my talented peers. Taking on the creative director role for this project was an exciting challenge, and the end product produced a large amount of people at the party.



The complete poster came with ease, as working with my team members was an incredibly exciting experience. When conceptualizing this poster, I wanted the art direction to create a visceral excitement to the students of SPU. The title font was written / designed in order to capture the emotion that receiving a Christmas card can be like. The final product is below.